Attendance Of Church Services Continues To Dwindle.

Attendance of church services continues to dwindle

Attendance of church activities has plummeted to an all time low. Members have placed spiritual events in the voluntary category. Righteousness has become optional as well. Is it really a necessity to attend church? It is a must that we understand this question.

If you are a casual Christian, this video will teach you the truth about church attendance.We are living in a time that the world needs to know that the “new normal” is not normal for Christians. Looking at my own experience, the Lord Jesus Christ used my church attendance to lead a whole family out of darkness into the glorious light.

“The Truth About… Attendance” covers the purpose and responsibility of attending the worship assembly of the church. How can Christians benefit from and participate in the worship and assembling of the family of God? We live in a world of religious confusion. Worship has become more about the individual than about God. But in the midst of the confusion, the Bible remains clear. Don Blackwell and Neal Pollard deal with basic principles of worship in a simple and concise manner that rings true to the Word of God. Whether a new convert or a diligent seeker of truth, these lessons will benefit and strengthen you.