Jesus Paid The Tab

Jesus Paid It All

Jesus picks up the check

Imagine you’re enjoying dinner at a restaurant with your friends. Some people are having a great time and ordering everything the menu has to offer, even though you know the menu is overselling the pros and disguising the cons of each item. Dangerous quantities of fat and grease make the food “juicy.” The taste promises to “give your life meaning.” Some of the food is delicious and some of it is disgusting, but it’s all bad for you, so some people choose to just have water. Everyone else falls somewhere between feasting and fasting. When the meal is finished, everyone gets their checks, and everyone’s bill is the same.

The cost of that one meal—even if you just had water—is one life.

Jesus puts our bill on his tab. Everything we ordered goes on his tab, and if we accept his offer, we don’t have to pay a thing. But here’s the catch: you can still refuse to let him pick up your tab. We can ignore his offer and cling to our checks out of pride, ignorance, or guilt. His hand is outstretched to take our check, and all we have to do is give it to him and let him pay the price.

At first it might seem like God tricked us—why did he put us in this restaurant and hand us these menus if they were going to cost us our lives?

It’s not God’s restaurant, and he didn’t sell you anything. It’s under someone else’s management, and he’s a very good salesman (Ephesians 2:2, John 12:31). Jesus sold out as He willed Himself to die and paid the bill but we just can’t imagine that the cost of our salvation is paid in full. Why fight to lose when we have already won in Christ Jesus???