The Fool And Their Problems- Part 1

The Fool And His Fall


1 Samuel 26:21-23- (The Fool Can Be Played)

 21  Then Saul said, “I have sinned. Return, my son David, for I will not harm you again because my life was precious in your sight this day. Behold, I have played the fool and have committed a serious error.”
22  David replied, “Behold the spear of the king! Now let one of the young men come over and take it.
23  “The LORD will repay each man for his righteousness and his faithfulness; for the LORD delivered you into my hand today, but I refused to stretch out my hand against the LORD’S anointed.

Are we playing the fool? Are we acting as though we have the truth to all matters apart from God? Truth matters for it is the only thing that can save us from death by  “Playing The Fool”. When we as human beings allow our “fallen nature” be our wisdom and our understanding, I believe death by “foolishness” will be the result. I will attempt to address this problem with God’s Word that we all may come to our senses through believing and understanding the Truth of God found in the Bible. We are “playing the fool when we become wise in our own eyes, trust our own understanding and take sin lightly.



the fool who is rich

tue fool


  1. The Fool Is Wise In His Own Eyes

We live in a time where our nation has become too wise in their own eyes for looking after the prosperity of their souls. The soul is our “personhood”. It is the essence of who we are. Too often we get life twisted in such a way that our feelings dictating our behavior instead our letting our faith through the Word of God.


Our nation has become to wise in our own eyes that is show by an election that leaves the wisdom of God out in selecting our next president. The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.(Ps.14:1)



  1. The Fool Trusts His Own Understanding


 We lean on our own understanding of what the world speaks to us through media and many times what we feel. What Saul felt about himself was not true. He felt “little” even though he was the best looking and tallest man in all Israel.(1 Sam.9:2) When our feelings dictate the way we live instead of God’s eternal Truth we may find ourselves “playing the fool”. Saul had received the verdict on his kingship that was taking away from him because of his disobedience (1 Sam. 15:23) and had little or no remorse about the loss.

  1. The Fool Takes Sin Lightly

Saul took sin lightly. (Prov. 10:23) Sin was like a sport to Saul. Repentance was just a formality that kept him from doing what kings do. Even his confession of why he sinned seemed to be tainted with a lie (1 Sam.15:24). Perhaps Saul “knew how the people felt” but the context does not say what “voice of the people” expressed. It appears that since Saul was king, he controlled how his sin would be forgiven by a mere religions act instead a sorrowful heart.


Death by “foolishness” is no joke!  It is time to leave our preconceived fantasy and live by “every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matt. 4:4). Its time to stop  asking “what’s in your wallet ,but have we hide the Word in our hearts.(Ps. 119:11)