Mind Renewal And It’s Options

The Mind In Us Is Our Behavior Center

No doubt we have heard the passage of Scripture in Romans 12:2 about renewing our mind. I have always believe when i was a novice in the faith that this mind was my physical brain. No one ever dared to express a different opinion. I had a senor preacher who gave me some advice about the Word of God that “just read it(the Word) and heed the Word”,

One of the pitfalls in heeding the Word is that we assume we are in charge and we obey God according to what we “feel” He desires us to do. We have options to obey what we can, However, obeying God using options causes us to be “double minded”.

The Double Minded Man Has Unstable Behavior

In James 1:4-5 we see a man that is unstable or in his prayer life. He prays but does not trust God to respond. The translation of the above mention verses seems to express this behavior.

James 1:5 (WuestNT)
5  And if, as is the case, anyone of you is deficient in wisdom, let him keep on presenting his request in the presence of the giving God who gives to all with simplicity and without reserve, and who does not reproach, and it shall be given him. But let him be presenting his request in a trusting attitude, not in an expression of that hesitation which vacillates, for the person who vacillates is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind; for let not that individual be supposing that he shall receive anything from the presence of the Lord, a dubious, undecided man, vacillating in all his ways.

As you can see that if an attitude of trust is absent there is a vacillation in all our ways. This issues of trust maybe connected to the failure of not having our mind transformed.

When we a have the “mind of Christ” Phil. 2:5, God’s peace in present in our mind and guards our heart. What mind do we have in us?